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Meet the Team

About Shivani Soni, lead physiotherapist at Step Up Rehab

Meet Shivani,
The Founder and Clinical Lead

What is our mission? 

To improve the generational stigma of physiotherapy practice that "physiotherapy is just massage and passive treatment".

To show that how movement is for all social backgrounds, ages, abilities and those with medical limitations.

I believe that when individuals prioritise their health over all other matters, we will eliminate many diseases.

Your role as our client? 

Know your WHY

Why do you want to start physiotherapy? 


Then leave the HOW to the professionals.


  • NHS experience:  junior rotations to senior rotations (acute, geriatic, respiratory and ICU medicine, general surgery, trauma and orthopaedics, musculoskeletal, paediatrics and women's health)

  • BSc (Hons) Sports Rehabilitation and MSc Physiotherapy (pre-reg). 

  • Previous Sporting Clubs: Leicester Tigers, Hull FC,

  • Previous local rugby clubs for pitchside care.

Our skills and knowledge are forever growing.

We believe in educating ourselves so we can support you to move with confidence. 

Sponsorships and Collabs

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Shivani Soni from Step Up Rehab with Health and Wellbeing award winners The Bipolar Lift C

How we support our local community

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