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Additional Services


Sports Massage

Recovering from a run? Working regularly at your desk? 

Or training 5+ days a week and finding difficult to recover well? 

Book now: 

30 Minute Sports Massage

60 Minute Sports Massage


For those with pain, that has been lasting more than 3 months. 

Struggling to manage your pain? Acupuncture has been proven to benefit patients with chronic pain after approximately 4-8 sessions. 

*consultation required to ensure it is suitable for you.

Dry Needling also optional.

Acupuncture Close Up
Desk Computer
Desk Computer

Ergonomic Assessments

We are Display Screen Equipment (DSE) qualified Assessors. 

We regularly carry out assessments to ensure the best equipment for you to be working in. 

As an employee, you are entitled to these assessments. Speak to your employer and book in with us at Step Up Rehab. 

We will come to your office and complete a full thorough report with recommendations on equipment.

Get in touch now.

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